Cash Back Remortgage Conveyancing

We hear from many brokers who dismay at the service their clients receive from free legals, with some of the complaints being:
  • Time taken to chase the case, 40+ mins in most circumstances
  • The law firm is unwilling to speak to them as they are not the client, therefore you have no control over the process
  • Angry clients, who see the free legal service as your fault, which can damage the relationship with the client, especially when time is a factor !
  • No referral fee’s, yet you are expected to do everything that you would do in terms of management for a purchase case
  • And many more…
The Movin Legal service has been designed to solve these problems, as well as provide you with a revenue stream, for example if you do 100 free legal cases, you could be missing out on thousands of pounds of referral fee’s !
Our service includes:
  • Free case chasing as with all of the cases you place through us
  • You are in control of the transaction, we will ALWAYS help our brokers, no matter what
  • We offer a quick service with the majority of cases completing in 13 – 15 working days
  • We provide you a referral fee, why shouldn’t you get paid for doing the work as well as providing a better service than free legals can

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Movin Benefits

  • 1
    Simple Online Quote and Instruction

    Powerful but simple to use software, you can compare, instruct and track onlineYou can choose your law firm by mortgage lender, location, price and service rating

  • 2
    Real Time All Inclusive & Guaranteed Quotes

    The price you are quoted is the price your client will pay. No hidden charges, no additions to your client’s bill that they weren’t expecting allowing them to effectively budget their conveyancing costs

  • 3
    Online Case Tracking

    With regular updates on all your clients cases, you will have up-to-date status reports available, 24 hours a day, allowing you to remain in complete control.

  • 4
    Protection For Your Clients - Free Home Buyer Protection

    Providing cover for conveyancing fees, mortgage arrangement fees, survey fees and valuation fees up to a combined (aggregate) maximum payment of £600.00 should your clients property purchase fall through

  • 5
    Secure Document Upload

    A facility allowing you to upload documents including certified ID, mortgage offers, fee agreements and proof of funds directly to the solicitor handling your clients case

  • 6
    Law Firm Ratings

    Star ratings on all law firms based on your direct scoring at the end of each conveyancing completion

  • 7
    Lender Panel

    The ability to select a lender prior to generating a quote ensuring only law firms on that lenders panel will show in the quote comparison, saves intermediary time work and client disappointment

  • 8
    Commercial Conveyancing

    Our expert panel of solicitors offer high-quality services on a wide range of commercial property & business transactions offering sensible pricing and fixed fees with no hourly rates

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